If we were to make the perfect woman, we might make her a gorgeous actress from mixed heritage who has multiple awards for producing and acting. We might give her the patience of a saint when it comes to letting people she vehemently disagrees with have just as much of a say in what’s real as she does. We’d probably give her enough courage to fend off men who are now in prison for being Hollywood monsters while still seeing to it that her projects got done. And we may even make her fiercely loyal, unafraid to come out publicly on the side of someone whose ruse has turned her into a pop culture punchline.  If we were to make a nearly perfect woman, she might end up looking a lot like Salma Hayek, and we only know that because of the honest, funny, salt of the earth interview she recently gave to Marc Maron. They kibitzed about some really fascinating stuff and we can’t wait to get into it on this week’s Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts. Gina Grad and Teresa Strasser welcome you to the show.

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This week’s feature is the WTF podcast with Marc Maron.  WTF is one of the best-known pods in the game.  Marc’s guest list is smothered in a who’s who of Hollywood types and has included President Barack Obama.  
He and Salma Hayek sat down for a good talk on February 8, 2021.
You can hear it by following the link below:

‎WTF with Marc Maron Podcast: Salma Hayek on Apple Podcasts

The WTF podcast can be found on the interwebs at wtfpod.com
Twitter: @wtfpod
Facebook: About Marc Maron

Marc Maron is on Twitter @marcmaron
Instagram  @marcmaron

Salma Hayek has the usual social hangouts.  
Instagram @salmahayek
Facebook: Salma Hayek Pinault – Home
Twitter: @salmahayek
Go check out her filmography on IMDb

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