EPISODE 94: This Is Why You’re Stuck

If the existence of other people’s pandemic projects makes you feel icky inside, because you know you could write that book or upload that video or tune that guitar or paint that landscape, but you’re stuck – you really need to hear this. The American godmother of creativity makes a podcast appearance and it’s almost guaranteed that something she says will help you across that bridge – from the piece of land where you stand looking, and the one where you sit writing or making. On this show, we share our favorite podcasts of the week, serve clips with a side of kibbitz. Teresa Strasser and Gina Grad are your hosts for Easy Listening

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This week we feature the pod of showrunner extraordinaire Brian Koppelman.  It’s called “The Moment”.  His guest is teacher, author, and artist Julia Cameron.  Brian is quoted to say that Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” changed his life.

Brian is on Twitter @briankoppelman and on Instagram @briankoppelman

Julia Cameron’s website is Julia Cameron Live
She is on Twitter @J_CameronLive and Instagram @juliacameronlive

This week’s episode can be heard here:
‎The Moment with Brian Koppelman: Julia Cameron – 07/14/20 on Apple Podcasts

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