Episode 92: We Are All Hilaria Part 1

Who among us hasn’t told a little white lie to make ourselves seem more interesting to strangers? It’s often harmless and leaves us looking more mysterious and exotic to our new friends. But when this tiny fib blossoms into a full blown scandal, you have to make a choice – do you and your husband double down on your Big Little Lie or do you come clean? This week, we discuss the harrowing, hilarious controversy over Hilaria Baldwin’s made up accent and we take a listen to her podcast, which is actually pretty good. And that’s no lie. This is Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts, where we serve up samples of our favorite shows of the week. I’m Gina Grad, and I’m Teresa Strasser. Welcome to the show.

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Hilaria Baldwin is making news everywhere for her grift (alleged) in being from Spain and knowing all things Latinex.  See the clips and see for yourself!
6 times Hilaria Baldwin’s dubious Spanish accent has gone wrong on camera | Page Six Celebrity News

Is her husband Alec her biggest supporter or just going along with it because it is entertaining? Listen to him on the Howard Stern Show:
Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilary The Fake Spaniard COMPILATION (1/2)

Mom Brain is our podcast of choice for review this week.  Mom Brain is a podcast about parenting and how great (and difficult) it is.  Mom Brain is hosted by Daphne Oz and Hilaria Baldwin.  They have guest experts they interview on most episodes. 

The website for the show is: Mom Brain
Mom Brain Podcast (@mombrain) is on Instagram

Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) is on Instagram

Daphne Oz (@daphneoz) is on Instagram and on Twitter @DaphneOz

You can listen to the featured episode of the show here: ‎Mom Brain: ‘Stepmother’ is No Dirty Word to Lisa Edelstein on Apple Podcasts

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Outro song – Toy Story 3- You’ve Got A Friend in Me Spanish

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