Episode 89: Breaking Up With Bad Habits

Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Neil Sedaka, who penned that famous lyric in 1962. That’s right, I just name checked Neil Sedaka. When all you had was the terrestrial radio, that song was LIT. But what about when a break up isn’t the gooey center of a pop song, but instead the conceit for a podcast that delves into real issues of interpersonal significance? On My Best Break Up, for example, Hannah Gadsby waxes about her bittersweet break, not from a lover, but from a bad habit, self-deprecation. Which we know sounds like defection, and don’t think that’s not covered by Hannah and the host of this adorably insightful interview podcast. This is Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts, where we serve up samples of our favorite shows of the week. I’m Teresa Strasser, and I’m Gina Grad. Welcome to the show.

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My Best Break-Up with Maeve Higgins is our featured podcast this week.  Each week, a different story with and engaging guest about a break up from some part of life.  A romance, a vice or even a self-destructive behavior.

You can visit the show’s website at My Best Break-Up • Hello Sunshine

You can listen to all episodes of the show here: ‎My Best Break-Up on Apple Podcasts

My Best Break-Up is hosted by comedian Maeve Higgins
Find her on Twitter @MaeveHiggins and on Instagram @maeveinamerica

Our featured episode is with guest Hannah Gadsby
Her website is Hannah Gadsby | Comedian
Hannah is on Facebook Hannah Gadsby – Home
Twitter @hannahgadsby
Instagram @hannah_gadsby_


Hannah Gadsby Says to Hell with Humiliation | Netflix Is A Joke
The link to the Hannah Gadsby episode of My Best Break-Up is here: 
My Best Break-Up | Hannah Gadsby Breaks Up with Self-Deprecation on Apple Podcasts

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