episode 87: The Hidden Lives of Tyrants

The secret lives of tyrants can be downright fascinating, from their semi-kidnapped full-time sushi chefs, to their meth dealing, to their breeding of giant dog sized bunnies.  One podcast shares behind the scenes looks at many of humanity’s very worst people. This week on Easy Listening – a podcast about podcasts – we introduce you to the series “Real Dictators” — it’s real interesting. Teresa Strasser and Gina Grad welcome you to the show!

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Our Pod of the week this week is Real Dictators.  Real Dictators is hosted by Paul McGann

You can listen to Real Dictators on Apple Podcasts here: ‎Real Dictators on Apple Podcasts

Real Dictators is a production of Nosier Podcasts.  They are on Twitter @noiser_podcast

Paul McGann has very little presence on social media outside of the podcast.
You know the host, Paul Mcgann from shows like Dr. Who and Luther.   

Our first featured episode is Kim Jong Il Part 3: Nuclear Armed
‎Real Dictators: Kim Jong-il Part 3: Nuclear Armed… on Apple Podcasts

The next featured episode is Real Dictators: Kim Jong-il Part 2: Time to Make a Movie… on Apple Podcasts

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