episode 84: No Talc In Your Panties

Is products liability litigation a sexy topic for a podcast? Ostensibly, that’s a class you sleep through in law school. But, if you read The Informant, or watched the film starring Matt Damon, you know that an investigation about the global price fixing of food additive lysine can actually be quite riveting. And so it is with products liability, in this case, with talcum powder. Today, we introduce you to a podcast series about just that, and the lawyer who took on Johnson & Johnson to help bring down the man, keep talc out of your panties and keep greed, like so many particles of silica, out of our personal care choices. This is Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts. I’m Teresa Strasser, and I’m Gina Grad. Welcome to the show. 

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This week’s featured podcast is Verified Season 2: Dust Up

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Verified is on the interwebs at: Verified Podcast
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Verified is hosted by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Natasha Del Toro
Natasha is on Twitter @ndeltoro and IG @natashadeltoro_ndt

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