episode 83: Sarah Silverman on Sarah Silverman

She’s sophisticated and she’s crass. She’s glamorous and yet she mostly wears a hoodie and sneakers. She’s sharp and edgy, she’s soft and fuzzy. She’s dedicated to liberal politics and democracy and helping the underdog, and she once wore blackface on TV, a moment she says she’ll be working to undo for the rest of her life. She’s high brow and low brow — she’s always been easy on the eyes and now, she’s in our ears. Sarah Silverman has a new podcast and I mean, who doesn’t right? But we think this is worth just trying a little sample, a nibble, a nosh if you will. This is Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts. I’m Teresa Strasser and I’m Gina Grad. Welcome to the show. 

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This week we highlight The Sarah Silverman podcast 

Episode 1 is titled: Diarrhea, Consequences and Larry David 

Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/diarrhea-consequences-larry-david/id1533130572?i=1000496465228

Episode 2 is Official Theme, Pete Davidson’s dad, Slabs

Listen here:


Sarah Silverman is all over social media:
On Facebook: Sarah Silverman – Home
On Twitter: @SarahKSilverman
On Instagram: @SarahKateSilverman

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