episode 82: The Goddess Of Scam

Podcasts getting laughs out of grisly crimes, that’s nothing new, but the Scam Goddess is getting giggles out of grifts, including the lady who scammed George Washington University into thinking she was African American. This week on Easy Listening – a podcast about podcasts – we give you a taste of Scam Goddess, the show that just this week joined Conan O’Brien and Team Coco. I’m Teresa Strasser and I’m Gina Grad, welcome to Easy Listening.

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This week’s featured podcast is SCAM GODDESS hosted by Laci Mosley 

Listen on Apple Podcasts at Scam Goddess: The Perfidious Professor with Langston Kerman You can follow the podcast on Twitter @scamgoddesspod

Scam Goddess is hosted by Laci Mosley is on all socials @DivaLaci

Laci’s guest on the episode is comedian Langston Kerman.  You can learn more about him on his website: langstonkerman.com and on all social media @langstonkerman

He hosts a “conspiracy theory” podcast called “MY Momma Told Me”.  

Listen on Apple Podcasts here: ‎My Momma Told Me with Langston Kerman

The scammer of note in the episode is named Jessica Krug  Read the article from “The Cut” referenced on the podcast here

Jessica’s funky accented clip from the news:

 – I’m here in the barrio, so my fucking neighborhood gonna gentrify I got things to say, fuck outta here, to be honest with y’all you posin like you opposing – fuck outta here – you been supporting cops on the MTA, fuck outta here – I also wanna call out new Yorkers – you did not give up your time to brown people – boy, okay – oh boy

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