An 8 episode true crime series about the unsolved murder of a CAL POLY student back in 1996 is topping the itunes charts this week, as new developments unfold in the latest cold case warmed up by a compelling podcast. What happened to Kristin Smart may never be fully known, but all indications are that new evidence has surfaced, directly resulting from this podcast series. This is Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts.  Teresa Strasser and Gina Grad welcome you to the show

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Chris Lambert’s Your Own Backyard leads to arrests: Some background
All the attention isn’t leading to a lot of money – Lambert takes no advertising for the self-produced podcast, relying on donations. His is the latest in a line of true-crime podcasts credited with producing results in court.
“Up and Vanished” led a man to confess to killing a Georgia beauty queen. “Serial” helped a convicted murderer initially win an order for a new trial in Maryland, though higher courts overruled that decision. “In the Dark” unearthed new evidence in a case prosecutors dropped instead of seeking a seventh trial against a Mississippi man who spent decades on death row.
Lambert, 33, was just 8 when Smart vanished a short drive up the coast from his home in the small town of Orcutt, about 140 miles (225 kilometers) northwest of Los Angeles. It scared him that someone had gone missing and no one knew what happened.
For more than two decades, a billboard featuring a photo of a grinning Smart advertised a $75,000 reward. It’s located near Flores’ mother’s house in the town of Arroyo Grande.
Lambert passed it many times and it ultimately motivated him to start investigating.

The episodes featured on today’s podcast can be found here:
Episode 01: A Face On A Billboard — YOUR OWN BACKYARD
Episode 04: Son Of Susan — YOUR OWN BACKYARD

Your Own Backyard can be found on IG @yourownbackyardpodcast

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