We’ve cried over the injustice of a missing college student in San Luis Obispo, we’ve laughed at Leah Remini cursing, we’ve thought about God with Pete Holmes and comedy with Jason Bateman. We’ve listened to thousands of hours of podcasts, from true crime, to news, to homicidal doctors and sociopathic socialites. We’ve lived through being bored in the house and in the house bored, with help in our earbuds from all the podcasts we have loved – and we’ve even added virologists to our list of favorite podcast hosts, learning what moves could possibly save our lives. Every real housewife has one, and now Obama and the Boss are at it, too. Podcasts, we love you. We have loved you so hard for 100 episodes. We play clips, we kibbitz, we wander down the conversational roads where podcasts lead us, and we share our favorites with you. This is Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts. Teresa Strasser and Gina Grad welcome you to the show. 

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T’s mentions of some podcasts that have stayed with her:

Swindled (that guy sounds like a dick but I love him)
Easy Listening – Ep.39 – “Online Hate And Real Life Swindles on Apple Podcasts

Your Own Backyard: Not a whodunnit, but a why can’t cops arrest who everyone knows dunnit?
Episode 02: The Only Suspect — YOUR OWN BACKYARD

Roseanne on Joe Rogan – two consummate entertainers
Easy Listening: Easy Listening – Ep. 1 – I Didn’t Go Crazy I Stayed Crazy on Apple Podcasts

Pete Holmes talks to Brian Koppleman
‎You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes: Brian Koppelman on Apple Podcasts

Leah Remini, because of Gina’s impression. 
Leah Remini Can F***ing Swea‪r

Lastly, The Daily, from the NYT. It’s the new gold standard in podcasts.
Michael Barbaro and the hmmms. I became obsessed.
About Those Hmms

A producer made him this medley for his bday:
Annie Brown on Twitter: “happy birthday @barbaro. here’s you singing to yourself. or hmm-ing to yourself, rather. https://t.co/lO0h9SrB3Z”
I want a medley of those hmmms. Well, thank you Internet: 
All the Hmms That’s Fit to Print — Weixi Zeng

Jennifer Aniston clearing throat supercut
Rachel AKA Jennifer Aniston has a vocal tic in Friends. Seen the viral video?

G’s Clips: Favorites, memories, thoughts, reflections 


3 girls, one Keith: Death and Memory
Amy sings Catch A Falling Star with her dad 
Death and Memory – Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith | Podcast on Spotify

Easy Listening – Ep.27 – “Meditations On Multilevel Marketing‪”

Easy Listening – Ep.56 – “Confessions of a Phelps-Roper and Plots Against America‪”
I keep going back to this ep of Confessional over and over and recommend it to everyone.

Easy Listening – Ep.77 – “Three of the Funniest Friends in Hollywoo‪d”‬
Will Arnett, Sean Hayes and Jason Batemen

Easy Listening – Ep.84 – “No Talc in Your Panties”
I’m still terrified about this

Easy Listening – Ep. 94 – “This is Why You’re Stuck”
Julia Cameron with Brian Koppelman
I’ve only missed 2 days of morning pages and i’m hopeful this changes my life


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Mike Lang
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Mike is the author of “One Beer Cooking” Cookbook – Pre-order now!
Feel free to mention my day job. For a long time, I kept all of my different worlds separate. Part of my Sergeant duties are Public Information Officer, so I’d do local TV spots for work, which is how most people knew me. Well, when I started doing some morning TV grilling spots, it was a little confusing for some. When I was out at a crash scene and a guy yelled out to me, “Loved your grilled bananas,” I knew the lines had been completely blurred and embraced it all.

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Myndi Brogden – Horse Play
Checkout Horse Play on FB.
Myndi is a horse trainer out of Rim Country, AZ.  She teaches riding lessons for kids and adults, and corrects problem horses.

Scott Cromie
Josh and Jill Stanton from the Screw The Nine To Five Podcast have a brand spankin’ new course called CourseCreatorsFunnel.com.
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