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Latest Episodes

Episode 93 – Part 2 – Hilaria and the Baldwinitos

Hilaria Baldwin has a mom podcast, and it heavily pushes her Spanish identity. Meanwhile, what do you do when one of your kids claims to be Spanish, but you...

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Episode 92: We Are All Hilaria Part 1

Who among us hasn’t told a little white lie to make ourselves seem more interesting to strangers? It’s often harmless and leaves us looking more mysterious and exotic to...

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episode 84: No Talc In Your Panties

Is products liability litigation a sexy topic for a podcast? Ostensibly, that’s a class you sleep through in law school. But, if you read The Informant, or watched the...

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episode 86: Behind The 90’s Music

So, I guess the fortune teller’s right. Should’ve seen just what was there and not some holy light But you crawled beneath my veins and now. I don’t care,...

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episode 88: Where Is It Written You Are Supposed To Be Happy?

Episode 87: Where is it Written You’re Supposed to be Happy? If you could have — or ok, borrow — how to describe her? The warmest earth mother type,...

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Episode 91: Ira Glass and What It’s Like To Be 25

It’s been said that Neil Diamond is the Pope of the Jews. And by it’s been said, I mean it’s been said by me. And if that is true,...

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