1) Why do a podcast about podcasts?


According to recent research from Apple, there are over 555,000 podcasts, with estimates from other sources placing that number even higher. In 2018, there were over a billion downloads from Apple Podcasts alone. According to Edison Research, podcast listeners consume an average of seven shows a week and 61% of respondents say listen to podcasts more than they watch TV. Sorry for throwing out all these numbers, but you get the idea. There are podcasts about everything from the proper care of your kitten, to the craft beer scene in Colorado, to the vagaries of life in the mortuary industry.  We are just here to help wade through the pod waters.


2) Does your show review podcasts?


Not really. We are essentially fans (and longtime old school terrestrial radio broadcasters and podcasters ourselves). We used to just text back and forth about the podcasts we were loving, so we just decided to open up the conversation we were already having with each other, to a larger audience. We hope our show is in that spirit, and that you’ll join us in swapping favorite shows and favorite moments. Is there anything better than discovering a new podcast that can get you through a few loads of laundry? (Research shows the bulk of podcasts are listened to at home, while folks do housework. If you’ve listened to three straight episodes of a true crime serial while de-cluttering your pantry, pull up some earbuds and stay awhile. You are among friends.)


3) What’s on Patreon that isn’t on the regular broadcast?


As the current and former Adam Carolla News Girl, we are comfortable sharing lots of private things, and of course, eventually listening in horror as our most delicate moments become the topic of a parody song for all to hear. But some chit-chat is just too sensitive not to live behind a pay wall, and that’s the idea with Patreon. We also post photos, videos and essays there. It’s our sincere hope to form a community of podcast lovers, and this is part of that goal. We chose a low barrier to entry ($2) and still fully understand that can be a hardship. That’s why we offer the bulk of our content free and ad free (for now, I mean, unless you want to advertise, because, um, we’d be open to that).


4) How can any of these really be “frequently asked questions,” when you just started your show and had to write this even before the first episode aired?


That’s a great question. You have just revealed this entire FAQ section to be a sham. One day, we will have actual questions to answer, but today is not that day.


5) Where can one purchase the best martini on earth?


That would be Musso & Frank’s in Hollywood. The top is icy, like a frozen lake, and the beverage will be served to you by a very dignified waiter who is somewhere between 82 and dead.


6) Why did you include a random question that has nothing to do with podcasts?


Please see the answer to number 4. Have a blessed day!