Easy Listening – Ep.6 – “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat”

Easy Listening – Ep.6 – “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat”

This week, Jane Fonda made be 81, but she’s still down for some acting lessons, as she explains on “WTF.” She also had a deeply flawed childhood, which you can learn about in great detail on “You Must Remember This.” If celebrities opening up about their inner conflicts gives your inner ears joy, this week we also feature Zachary Levi on “Inside of You,” — the actor is keen on a very unusual and enigmatic therapeutic tool that’s part personality test, part Zodiac. On“Going Through It,” a famous cookbook author explains why saying no is good, except when her boss said no to some fancy Parmesan cheese.

And speaking of cheesy, if you’ve ever felt too unattractive to join a club, “This is Love” reveals a tight-knit group of Italians who find love and acceptance in The Ugly Club, which might make you Ugly Cry.


Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum – guest Zachary Levi



WTF w/ Marc Maron – Guest: Jane Fonda



You Must Remember This: Karina Longworth

Jean and Jane Part 1 – Seberg and Fonda



Going Through It – Samin Nosrat Interview



This Is Love – Episode 13: The Ugly Club



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