Easy Listening – Ep.7 – “Exit Wounds, Emotional Wounds and Now, An Awkward Word From Our Sponsor!”

This week, Conan talks dog sperm, Patricia Arquette’s dad converts over a missed left turn, you went to rehab at 14 whether you knew it or not and another string of awkward “words from our sponsor.”

Easy Listening – Ep.7 – “Exit Wounds, Emotional Wounds and Now, An Awkward Word From Our Sponsor!”

Easy Listening – Ep.6 – “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat”

This week, Jane Fonda made be 81, but she’s still down for some acting lessons, as she explains on “WTF.” She also had a deeply flawed childhood, which you can learn about in great detail on “You Must Remember This.” If celebrities opening up about their inner conflicts gives your inner ears joy, this week we also feature Zachary Levi on “Inside of You,” — the actor is keen on a very unusual and enigmatic therapeutic tool that’s part personality test, part Zodiac. On“Going Through It,” a famous cookbook author explains why saying no is good, except when her boss said no to some fancy Parmesan cheese.

And speaking of cheesy, if you’ve ever felt too unattractive to join a club, “This is Love” reveals a tight-knit group of Italians who find love and acceptance in The Ugly Club, which might make you Ugly Cry.


Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum – guest Zachary Levi



WTF w/ Marc Maron – Guest: Jane Fonda



You Must Remember This: Karina Longworth

Jean and Jane Part 1 – Seberg and Fonda



Going Through It – Samin Nosrat Interview



This Is Love – Episode 13: The Ugly Club



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Easy Listening – Ep.6 – “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat”

Easy Listening – Ep.5 – “Fresh Death Can Be Tricky”

Gina and Teresa find themselves at the strange intersection where “To Live and Die in LA” meets “Missing Richard Simmons.” Gina may miss him the most since she was actually his student and she shares the magic words he once told the class on election night.  Esther Perel pulls one of those cool “Did a therapist really say that?” moves, and the measles are really, really bad. Plus, on this week’s podcast about podcasts, a writer from “The Wire” tells his story on “The Moth,” which leads to a confession about Gina and professional wrestling.

Also, what does Howie Mandel have to say about the sexual prowess of the Jewess?

Easy Listening – Ep.5 – “Fresh Death Can Be Tricky”

Easy Listening – Ep. 4 – “This Week In Trauma! Roots of Evil and Childhood Stardom”

Murder, incest, stardom, public failure, how to be rich while stiffing your greedy relatives, and Mike Rowe, delivering a dash of soothing, folksy storytelling about a famous person who we like just the way he is – right into your ears – all on this week’s show.


Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia


Suze Orman: Women and Money: How Guilt Drives Us To Give Money When We Don’t Want To


Without Fail: How Anna Chlumsy Got a Second Act


Without Fail: Ira Glass, The Man Who Launched 1,000 Podcasts


Mike Rowe: The Way I Heard It, He Had It All



Easy Listening – Ep. 4 – “This Week In Trauma! Roots of Evil and Childhood Stardom”

Easy Listening – Ep.3 – “The Bitch Is Back”

This week, one of the most painful moments from the Adam CarollaShow, the “Bitch Bag” is unearthed for your Easy Listening pleasure. Gina worries that her chin might be trying to kill her (and that your boobs might be trying to kill you) after listening to What’s the Tee with RuPaul. Both hosts take a ride on the Tim Ferriss Wheel for some talk about how magic mushrooms may be the new Xanax. And finally, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle teach us how to keep from getting our feelings hurt. 

Easy Listening – Ep.3 – “The Bitch Is Back”

Easy Listening – Ep.2 – “I’m Not Comfortable With The Touching”

This week, Gina shares two classic parody songs from the Adam Carolla Show vault, both of which lead to some very personal and wildly uncomfortable revelations. Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle discuss why we should never talk about our illnesses, and Teresa’s pod crush, Pete Holmes, has to stop his own show because he gets so emotional. So much podcast about podcasts!

Easy Listening – Ep. 1 – “I Didn’t Go Crazy, I Stayed Crazy”

In the premiere episode, Gina and Teresa help celebrate ten years of the Adam Carolla Show with a look back at one of David Alan Grier’s most classic appearances. SPOILER: DAG snores, Adam laughs uncontrollably, and Teresa cries. In other sleep related news; G & T discuss Roseanne’s strict new Ambien policy from “The Joe Rogan Experience” and it’s lights out for the “Sword and Scale” host, who had to leave the show, but not before delivering possibly the pod world’s most awkward live read. After discussing feuds, friendship and firings, they close out the show with a look at “Modern Love,” the show that brings the New York Times into your ears with national treasure Catherine O’Hara.

Show links:

Roseanne and Joe Rogan



Sword & Scale: Episode 114



Modern Love: Another Voice Had Come Between Us



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Easy Listening – Ep. 1 – “I Didn’t Go Crazy, I Stayed Crazy”

Premiere Episode Coming This Thursday 4/4/19